Targeted digital advertising service that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver precise results.

Traditional programmatic display campaigns are effective in improving brand visibility by targeting a wide range of people within a broad radius, but may not always target customers in search of your specific offerings.

TractAds Display is different from a traditional display service in that it uses GPS technology to target consumers as they interact with their mobile devices after entering your store or targeted location.

TractAds Display is used as a base for all TractAds campaigns by implementing a blueprint location that targets the customer. When a consumer enters an identified and blueprinted location, we capture the device ID of the mobile phone and track the consumer through their online user experience.


Once the customer opens up an app such as weather, sports, or games on their phone, an ad for your business appears in the app. We can further add them to our retargeting mix and serve ads across Search, Video & more in our TractAds Premium service.

Target new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more with TractAds!


  • Uses GPS technology to identify customers in a defined location to deliver a precisely targeted Digital Ads Display campaign.

  • TractAds Display interacts with the consumer after they’ve left the business, and targets them based on their user experience.

  • We are able to track customers through the Display campaign after they’ve left the store and move into a new physical location.

  • Using our proprietary technology, we measure performance across multiple platforms you would like us to run campaigns on. From that, we will optimize the budget towards the highest-performing platform.

  • We can track users that visit your physical location up to 14 days after the initial Location Target and add them to our retargeting mix.


Take a quick look at our Campaign Snapshots to see how your business can take advantage of TractAds.

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